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Securing Your Property

Unfortunately theft remains widespread in Christchurch, Canterbury and throughout New Zealand, with police reporting that goods are now being stolen to order. Fencing is a superb preventative solution that guards against intruder access and acts as a significant deterrent to crime. Wear Fencing have developed solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Security fencing can help you protect properties of all sizes, from protecting large retail developments, manufacturing facilities to schools and public facilities.

We can help you determine which type of security fencing is most suitable for your property. Typically the more robust and secure the fence is, the higher the cost to manufacture and install it. When budgeting, it is important to consider any additional costs generated by choosing extra security options, such as anti-climb devices like barbed wire, razor spikes or electric pulse fencing, or even by customising your fence to match the design of your property.

Another important consideration is the extra cost of adding a security access gate. Although property managers wish to keep intruders and unauthorised visitors out from kiwi properties, employees and authorised visitors need to be able to easily gain access. You will need to choose an appropriate security gate option, whether that’s an automatic metal security gate or a manual mechanism such as a keypad, fob, or even a heavy duty padlock, and weigh up the cost against the need to prevent security being compromised.

It also makes sense to consider the length of time you need your security fencing for. Hiring may mean lower outlay costs at the start, and indeed is a viable option if you need to protect a site or property for only a short amount of time. However, if you need fencing in one place for a long time, or to reuse it in various locations, purchasing may often works out cheaper in the long term.